3rd Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit

2 – 3 June 2021 | ONLINE

In the world of constant changes the role of medical affairs is becoming increasingly important, especially under COVID-19 pressure. With the constant development in technology the strategies and decision-making tools as well as challenges are transformed into new units. How do medical affairs handle changing demands? What are the best ways to integrate the e-medical tactics? How do companies deal with the proliferation of data and demands for transparency? Join us at our interactive medical event to have your questions answered!

The 3rd Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit has been designed to provide a complex understanding of trends, innovations, challenges, recommendations and insights vital for successful performance of medical affairs in 2021.  Senior-level experts from top pharma companies will get together at this summit to share their views on the future perspectives for MA, new product launching during COVID-19, secret tool to be used by MA professionals, collaboration between two pharma companies and WHO and much more.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • How do the new EU MedTechs impact medical affairs?
  • What are the best ways to integrate the e-medical tactics in medical affairs?
  • What are the innovative ways of mining and interpreting data?
  • The RWE as main decision-making instrument in drug development and commercialisation
  • How is COVID-19 affecting the activity of MSLs in companies: Ways of adaptation?
  • Medical affairs as a key instrument in bridging the gap between R&D and Commercial
  • Collaboration between medical affairs and tech innovators as a way to improve engagement with patients (by using innovative products and technologies)



Associate Director Medical Affairs


What Are the Most Effective Decision-Making Tools in Medical Affairs?

The role of medical affairs changed in last decade dramatically, from a supportive function to a strong and meaningful component of the pharmaceutical industry. This change is accompanied with different expectations and responsibilities for medical affairs in each level. The presentation will focus on one of the important tool the medical affairs can impact.

• Why do we need RWE?
• What makes RWE powerful?
• What is the role of medical affairs in generating and handling with RWE?


Medical Director


Launching New Products During COVID-19: A Medical Affairs Perspective

Bringing together the vital aspects of medical affairs integration into product launch, the impact of COVID-19 on the activities and strategic imperatives. To drive customer and patient centricity and achieve our goals.

• Collaboration and integration to ensure aligned goals and visions
• How digital platforms have innovated interaction for pre-launch activities, insight gathering, disease awareness campaigns
• Moving away from data dissemination to story narratives with empathy and clinical and personal relevance to the healthcare professional
• Tracking and conveying KPIs as part of cross-functional launch readiness
• Driving life cycle management momentum through a global pandemic

Rafael BRAVO

Vice President Obesity, RWE & Publications in Global Medical Affairs


The Review of RWE and the Evolution of Its Usage in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

To describe the ongoing trends in the value of RWE to an expanding stakeholders group (payers, regulators, HCPs/patients, healthcare systems) and internally (e.g. R&D), the evolving framework in pharma, and the role of medical affairs should be in the present and future.

What is the evolving value of RWE to an expanding number of stakeholders?
Key focus areas for a successful RWE strategy in pharma
What is the role and value of medical affairs in the corporate RWE strategy?


Medical Director EMEA Hematology


How to Adapt Medical Affairs in a Disruptive World?

The role of medical affairs has changed in the last 5 years and this change has increased dramatically due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Medical affairs has evolved into a multi-functional role
• Digitalisation is the main challenge



Director, Global Scientific Content, Oncology Team Lead


Moving from Drug Manufacturer to Healthcare Enabler

Nike rarely advertises a single pair of sneakers, they discuss sports. Likewise pharma companies should embark of a path of discussing and providing healthcare solutions to the community rather than touting a new drug. We live in a world of information, and it is our duty to have a voice.

The topics presented were interesting and I was able to take away some new ideas. I really liked hearing from other pharma companies.

Country Medical and Regulatory Director Switzerland at AstraZeneca

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