4th Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit

1 – 2 June 2022 | Berlin | Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof

Medical Affairs as a bridge between medical and commercial has been reshaping the pharma industry crucially. Over the past years, the MA department has gained many new important roles and become an integral part of any pharmaceutical company’s activities. That’s why we now must follow-up on the updates and transformations of Medical Affairs like never before.

The 4th Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit has been created to answer the hot questions and challenges that the Medical Affairs department is facing. Its aim is to prepare pharma professionals for the new level of interactions with healthcare providers (HCP), dwell on the MA framework after COVID-19, address evidence generation issues, reveal the efficient partnerships establishment strategies, and many others.

Join our Medical Affairs Summit and enjoy real-life case studies from senior-level experts who are bringing the Medical Affairs teams’ performance to a new level. A 5-star venue, as well as the limited seat number in the audience, will facilitate the flow of insights and inspiration, the establishment of important business contacts, and unique networking opportunities. Register now and don’t miss your chance to whiteness this remarkable pharma event by yourself.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Challenges and opportunities of medical education and research in 2022
  • Pharma reconsidering their strategies in the post-pandemic period: Medical Affairs work-frame, taking into account the new-normal situation
  • Digital communication channels and their impact on the MA interaction with the physicians and patients
  • Voice of the patient integration into Medical Affairs activities – insights and involvement
  • RWE driving changes in the healthcare industry. How does the real-world practice add to the understanding of safe and effective use of therapeutic innovations?
  • Guide on the transformation of Medical Affairs teams into Medical added-value teams as the way of bringing the stakeholders partnerships to the new level
  • How can Medical Affairs obtain a leading role in the cross-functional pharma & become a strong decision-maker?




Area Medical Director Middle East and Africa


Medical Affairs Driving Evidence Generation in the Future

Evidence Generation plays a key role in Medical Affairs function. Recent developments in healthcare and technology have put more emphasis on how this can add overall value to the organization. On one hand, Medical Affairs is leading this but will also need to build new capabilities and skills to leverage this in the future.
• Value of Evidence Generation at the local and regional level
• Future trends in EviGen, especially in Real-world settings
• Building capabilities in Medical teams


Vice President, Global Medical Affairs


Putting Patients at the Centre – Easier Said Than Done

Patient centricity is much discussed in Pharma but it can seem that defining it carefully and putting it into practice can be challenging. Medical Affairs is in a pivotal position to have a key role in ensuring that the patient voice is heard and more importantly listened to by various stakeholders. This presentation will focus on 2 areas related to patient centricity.
• Pharma engagement with patents and patient associations needs to be carefully orchestrated – this is particularly important in the rare disease area
• Active listening and engaging with patients should yield resources that are useful to them and give insight into the unmet medical need of Pharma
• Healthcare professionals need to be supported to develop skills to engage in shared decision making with patients to make therapy decisions

1. Logging in
2. Dealing with phishing and potentially malicious websites
3. Sending sensitive information (scenarios might still change)


Senior Director, Head of Global MA Excellence


Glocalization - Identifying Opportunities Together, Building Solutions Together

Medical Affairs, from a strategic partner to a strategic driver - I will describe our glocal operating model, and how it enables us via glocal priorities and approach to increase our strategic contribution to the brand strategy and planning. Glocalization has been an important factor in improving & strengthening our internal “medical community” and its impact on the organization. With examples of glocal initiatives, I will also cover the advantages & learnings from the use of an agile mindset and methodology.
• How can Medical Affairs obtain a leading role in cross-functional pharma & become a strong decision-maker?
• In what ways are Medical Affairs able to contribute to the brand success of your organization?


Head Cardiovascular Global Medical and Patients Affairs


How Cross-Collaboration with External Stakeholders Makes Medical Affairs a Key Decision Maker

In an evolving environment, MA should accelerate in moving from the "technical support function" to the "strategic decision maker" exploiting the ability to collaborate with multiple stakeholders both to generate qualitative and quantitative data, to include the perspective of different stakeholders in the data meaning. An example of a multi-stakeholders’ project on cardiovascular disease to increase HCPs and patient engagement while leading strategic decisions for other departments.
• MA may contribute to filling the GAP between guidelines recommendations and both doctor clinical practice and patient needs-perception
• Generating data is key to be credible in filling this GAP while fuelling our communication and doctor-patient engagements
• Having the capacity to cross collaborate, understand and being credible with different external (HCPs, patients and Institutions) and internal stakeholders (commercial, Market access, R&D, Regulatory and Public affairs) MA should represent a key decision maker shaping company strategy

Danilo LEMBO

VP Head of Medical Affairs Europe


Pharma Reconsidering Their Strategies in the Post-pandemic Period: Medical Affairs Work-Frame, Taking into Account the New-Normal Situation

Medical Affairs is a critical function in Pharma because it is a unique point of contact with external customers like HCPs and patients and brings critical impact to payers, regulators and reimbursement decision makers.
One of the Medical Affairs' most critical tasks is to reach out to HCPs and provide them with scientific and accurate information on medicines in order to allow informed decisions on patients' care with the final aim to improve patient outcomes. In addition, by bringing external customers' insight into the organization, Medical Affairs allows strategy tuning and development of specific tactics.
As a consequence of the COVID pandemic, some changes accelerated: the time of interaction with customers is shorter, they have a strong preference to receive scientific and accurate information that can enlarge their knowledge of our medicines, and the need for a customer personalised approach is becoming critical to successfully engage.
Medical Affairs needs to rethink its capacity and capabilities to strategically continue to be a critical function within the organization.

Well organised event with professional speeches, very informative, helps to enhance knowledge and experience.

– Head of International Medical Affairs, Servier

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